Earn Money by Making MV Reactions on Youtube

YouTube have always been a great source of earning for thousands of people. Some make money making Gadget reviews, some upload funny vines, some upload their talents and the list goes on. Its the best platform to showcase your videos, get some reach and start earning good amount from YouTube through AdSense or any other network.Still not that easy !! There is a lot of competition in it as well, making a mobile review and expecting 1000 views is also not an easy task, but what if I introduce you a YouTube niche on which you can start making videos and easily get on top within no time. Maybe its because of the love for the niche or maybe the competition is still low as compared to what we have in other niches like Reviews, Gameplay videos, News, Vines niche.

So in this post I will cover up the following:

  • A Niche that’s still new to 80% (or more) of my readers.
  • How much wide the niche is ? Its scope and other metrics.
  • How it works ?
  • Live Examples !
  • What does it takes to get the best results ?
  • How to earn through it ?
  • An overlooked niche to earn money using Youtube.

What are MV reaction Videos ?

Being a Hardcore music lover, I browse YouTube a lot to find the latest songs from across the world. Along with English songs, I have a huge interest in Latin, Arabic, French and Korean Music as well. So recently one of my Favorite Korean Band “BTS” (Bangtan boys) released a Music Video (Called as MV) of their latest song “Dope” .

I just loved the song and replayed it many times, well I just went into Musical mood and started their playlist on Youtube. While listening to their songs I came across one MV reaction video of their latest release.I watched it and it looked quite funny to me (though later on I liked it). What more I noticed from this single video was that it was uploaded just after 30-45 minutes of official MV release and to my surprise the views were already 2000+ in an hour. The total views are now 15,000 which are less as compared to others. The reason is very well explained further in the post.

This simply caught up my attention since the niche was new to me and also the surprising figures I saw. I started researching more on such videos and I found out that such videos are called “Music Video Reaction” or “MV Reaction” videos. I went deeper in my research and found out that there were many people who upload MV reaction videos and again to my surprise over 80% of the videos I found had views in the range of 5000-200,000.So basically coming back to the point,An MV reaction is a video in which the a person watches a Music Video of a freshly released song for the first time and at the same time give reactions to it.

If you still think of what Reactions !!! then I highly recommend you to watch the above video as well as the one added below. You will enjoy this one as the girl just can’t control herself from shouting.By the way do look out for the views and subscribers she got.I guess now you are very well aware of what a Music reaction Video is. Lets jump onto the next part where you will be learning on how to make MV videos and How to Earn Money from your own MV videos.

How to Make MV reaction Videos

Well there can be many methods to make one such video, but make sure you have to react to the video live with the video playing first time in front of you.

You can simply use a camcorder/camera to record yourself while watching the video and then combine both the Youtube video and your video using any video editing tool. You can also use an App called ReactorTV to react to music videos. This app makes things simpler and time saving. The above video (Second video) is also made using this app. Or you can do both the things simultaneously, to learn how to do it, just watch this tutorial video. This method will require you to practice a few times with the tool before actually making a MV reaction.For the first Time I would just recommend you to record yourself using your webcam while watching the video. It will be a lot effective to get natural reactions out of you.

A Quick Research on MV Reaction Videos

Before getting into it, I would like to share with you the power of this niche. I picked up a song “I need you” which is a Korean Pop song with not so much popularity as compared to Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”.So here’s a simple research. A simple YouTube search for the keyword “I need you MV reaction” will give you around 107,000 search results. A very big number indeed for a song with not much popularity.So these are the top 4 results that I got with the first result having 168,000 views while the fourth one with 60,000 views.

I did the same for the song “El Perdon”, a Latin superhit by Enrique and I was unable to find such reaction videos. So it depends a lot on the audience. Most of the MV videos are made for Korean music and surprisingly more than half of them are made by Non-Koreans like me. I leave this point here, since everyone have a different taste of music. Just perform a simple research of reaction videos of your favorite songs and then start accordingly.However if you really want to start, I will recommend you to check out some videos from here. Or if you are Indian, do try your luck with Hindi Music Videos, if lucky you can really gain much.

How to really make money out of reaction Videos

Don’t worry, there are solutions to it since MV reactions are loved by many many people. A channel with good number of subscribers and views can easily help you rank your videos but if you don’t have one, you have to build one. The simplest way to get fast views and initial subscribers is to post the reaction videos as soon as the official music video gets live on youtube. Most of the channels got boosted by doing the same, they posted the first reaction after official MV is released and enjoyed good number of views. I myself found some people who didn’t ranked good but still manage to get 10,000-15,000 views just by posting it before anyone else does.

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